in search of keanu

After all the adulation I spread before, I now have to announce that Keanu Reeves has brought me to the worst movie ever. ELLIE PARKER. Some people may not be surprised, that Keanu and such a movie have something in common, but I was! I believe in Mr. Reeves and even if he is NOT the best actor on earth, he nevertheless is a good good guy who was able to play roles in some very entertaining films (and I don't speak of »Bill & Ted«). I simply like him and that's why I collected 28 movies that were labeled with his name. But back to the worst movie ever: There is this girl (Ellie) who wants to become a famous actress in Hollywood. She realizes it's a hard game and loses faith. Over. Eeerm – sry, what's the point again? It might be I wasn't focused enough... But HEY, you can't expect full attention of someone who watches the movie just to find out there's only a cameo of Keanu!? Okay okay, I drift off again - but I hope you got MY point! »Ellie Parker« is a bad bad movie.

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